UAPBA, Bondsmen Helping Improve the Bail Bond Process.

The Utah Association of Professional Bondsmen and Agents (UAPBA) is instrumental in developing and implementing the values of the bail bond process.

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Commercial sureties and bail bond agents are important because:

  1. Bail bonds are user funded – inmates pay the cost, not taxpayers
  2. Fewer Failure to Appears (FTA) compared to Own Recognizance (OR) release or pretrial program release
  3. Supervised inmate release ensures court appearances with involvement of loved ones, family, and friends
  4. Reduces overcrowding in jails, saves taxpayers daily cost of housing inmate
  5. Apprehension or rearrest go to bail bond agency
  6. Reduces recidivism

Commercial Sureties

UAPBA works with the following agencies and organizations to improve the bail bond process:

  • Bail Bond Sureties/Agencies in the Industry
  • Court Administration and Judges
  • Prosecuting Attorneys
  • Criminal Attorneys
  • Sheriffs/Jails
  • Legislators
  • Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI)
  • Bail Enforcement Agencies/Agents
  • Utah Insurance Department
  • Attorney General’s Office
  • Local Police Departments
  • Media

Bail Bond Agencies